Bypass PayPal Payment. Worth to get Pay Mp3s, Ebooks, Softwares, Website Template and Script for FREE

Based on Google Dorks Search keyword, Outta 100000 Websites  are vulnerable to this exploit and users can bypass PayPal payment button and finally get the download link  without have to pay. Most affected are type of Website Resell right and Private Level Right (PLR) websites who offer to sell ebooks, website scripts and resell software. All of these websites mostly are type of  automatic money making website which the administrator itself didn’t validate or check whether payment have been made in their paypal account before they give their visitor/customer the download link and download the item. So, visitor/customer can download their selling item like  ebooks,  software etc for free only by using a single line javascript exploit which is:

javascript:top.location=document.getElementsByName('return')[0].value; javascript:void(0);

But first, we still need a dork to make life easier searching the vulnerable websites to later exploit the page to bypass paypal payment and get free download.

Enuff said here is the dork:

"this order button requires a javascript enabled browser"

Noted: Paste the dork inside google search with the Quote Sign included””

Now Click any of the results which the title offering to buy things and also have this dork  in the description.

“this order button requires a javascript enabled browser”

Next after open the vulnerable website, make sure it has paypal payment button or you just give it try. Paste the Exploit javascript code into the address bar at the same page where the vulnerable site was open. After paste the code, do not hesitate to click ‘Go” button. If the website is vulnerable, the page will directing to Link Download Page. Saying Thank You for your buying and Paying eventhough you’re not :P.

Have fun trying, i got many ebooks from PLR and resell Right website mostly regarding SEO, and also fanbook fanpage tempalte, website script. Some of this book are worth to have and some not. And lucky you guys know this information and if you want it, you have the choice to pay or download it for free 😛

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