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Tunnel Bear open blocked websites

Photo: Watching Online Video Restricted by Geoloocation/country using Tunnel bear

Nowadays you can watch Tv programmed Online by open the TV Channel Website, most of them will give you access to their online Video like TV Series, TV Shows just to help you to catch up any Tv programmed you’re missed on TV. But their Online Video usually have access limitation which only visitors from their country/certain can watch the videos.

For example, recently i want to watched, deleted scene from TV Show “America Next Top Model”on CWTV channel USA. It’s only available at CWTV website but too bad I can’t watched it as the videos were not available in my country location.

I have tried CoCoon (Firefox Plugin) and Tor to access blocked website and it worked with many sites except USA / UK online TV website (i only tested on CWTV Channel USA) and it didn’t work.

Finally got some reviews about Tunnel Bear (VPN Software to let you access the internet globally with no barrier. It  used UK and US Ip address to open any website you want privately and anonymously.

Well, UK or US IP address, that is what i want for as many US Online TV channel like CWTV blocked visitors from outside USA to watch their online video. Tunnel bear finally a solution. As many web, software and Ip proxy failed to load the videos for me. Tunnel Bear finally did.

Tunnel Bear is free with limitation 500 MB bandwidth quota for a month. If you want the unlimited access you have to pay $4.99 but totally worth it. But as for me 500MB is more than enough.

Simple step to get tunnel bear worked on your PC.

1. Download Tunnel Bear on their website. http://www.tunnelbear.com

2. Install the software first, later the software will asked you to Sign Up an account if you doesn’t have one.

3. check your mailbox and get verified

4. open the software, Log in .

5. Turn it ‘ON’ and Choose either US or UK Ip address and wait till it connected to the server.

6. After it connected, open any blocked site, but let me explain, if you choose Free Account, just saved your bandwidth to watch any blocked Online Video like Vimeo, Hulu, US Tv Channel which mostly blocked visitor outside USA to access the video. Because that is what tunnel bear is design to.

Lastly, there are another two VPN software I want to suggest if you want to access blocked website like facebook, youtube, Fileserve.

No 1 is Tor. It is open source software but still work like charmed. Download, Install, launch configure. Done

No 2 is firefox Plugin name Cocoon. Sign up an account, download the add on to Firefox. It will available at your Firefox Toolbar if everything installed perfectly.

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