Activate New facebook Profile : Facebook Timeline for All user

Seriously I am getting excited with New facebook profile which is Facebook Timeline. It make your profile looking smooth, neat and easiest to browse your old activities based on Timeline which mean view your old activities by date, month or years which the old facebook profile lack of.

Facebook Timeline
Photo: Showing Facebook timeline at the right you can see howit group your activities into Years, months and current.

Now you can make your facebook as Bookmark, feeds as well as keepin’ in touch with friends. With facebook timeline, you will never have problem to view your old wall post and status. It’s much more fun and interesting. Trust me. Activate it now, you won’t regret and please live your life up-to-date.

Click here to activate Facebook Timeline

then Click on Timeline Button. Wait for a moment until it bring you to your New Profile Page. What you’ve to do is just click “Publish” on top-right of your profile page. And you’re done.

The best and interesting part is you can have banner or cover picture on top of your profile page.

facebook timeline cover

Photo: Showing facebook cover on top of facebook timeline

This new profile look also come with new privacy control, so you have to check back your privacy setting to limit visible post for Friend Only. Here where you can change it :

Privacy Settings > Limit the Audience for Past Posts.

The visibility of each post or activity can be changed on the profile page as well. Just hoover the mouse over a post to display the settings menu there. You have the option to feature posts, or to edit or remove them from the timeline.

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