Unlock PPS to Watch latest Hong Kong and Taiwan Series without Region Restriction

What the hell with PPS which what I know this software use to stream chinese drama series from hong kong taiwan China and etc but the problem is PPS restricting people outside region or from other countries from watching this latest series from PPS. So everyone keep coming and asking how to watch these latest series, urmm maybe to download the latest version of PPS, umm but maybe..,I don’t know, give it a try. Well sound unconvincing but here I found some trick to unlock PPS and watch the latest series drama from Hong kong, taiwan and etc.


Find below files within PPStream folder located at :

AppData Folder is usually hidden, so enable to view hidden file from Tools >> Folder Option  or to make life easier just copy-paste below address to the address bar.


Inside the PPStream folder, locate this two file and edit it using notepad:

1) ppsarea.ini

Edit or replace the existing with these code:


2) psnetwork.ini

Edit and replace below lines, do nothing for other lines


Save above files and DON’T FORGET to change the attribute to Read Only or else this trick will be useless.

Right Click on the file ppsarea.ini and the psnetwork.ini, click properties and check on Read Only check box.

Restart PPS and hopefully this trick will work coz I don’t understand chinese and someone else done it and success. Gonna try this to my customer later.

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15 thoughts on “Unlock PPS to Watch latest Hong Kong and Taiwan Series without Region Restriction”

  1. hey, does this work on window 8? when I download the pps client, should I download the window 8 version or the window version?>

  2. They removed ppsarea.ini

    If you installed the latest client from PPStream.com you will find they removed PPSarea.ini altogether….

  3. Hey there..does this works for Windows XP? I could find the two files you mentioned. When i tried to play the movie it does not work at all…

  4. Hi Cybertroy,

    i just downloaded the latest version of PPS and it does not have the file
    ppsarea.ini , in that folder, even i try to see hidden, its not there.
    and i can unable to see hk drama, please help me

  5. Have you find a way to by pass ppstream yet to watch
    TVB drama.. I did not agreed to use vpn 1st its not free second speed not stable. Third dont know when will they closed or block by china reason as pps copy right. So they have right to block all vpn provider…even flyvflyvpn as well.

  6. My entire group of friends are dying to watch hk drama , can someOne
    Please fix the problem , I know there’s many people out there who can
    Can hack it in 10minutes of their precious time, my family is bored and
    Every nigh here’s nothi to do . So help me and millions of other people out there.

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